Psychotic Princess

The Ranting Tales of a Raving Lunatic...

Run Away With Me

February 4, 2004

Run away with me
To the ends of the earth
Stay with me
And we'll conquer this world.

I am in need of a change
A chance, a way
To shake these chains
To be free again.

I want to see the world
And leave my world behind
Leave it on a shelf
To be someone else
Even if just for a little while.

Though I've been here alone
And lived, survived so long on my own
And though I've done so well just existing
Through this mess I've learned one lesson -

Surviving is an animal instinct
Living is uniquely human
Sex is barbaric
(though deliciously necessary)
But it's Love that gives life it's meaning.

So run away with me love
We can conquer the world
Just you and I love
It's all we need on this earth.