Psychotic Princess

The Ranting Tales of a Raving Lunatic...


Little Doll

Little doll baby doll, stop your crying
Little doll baby doll, leave it all behind
Your heart has been broken for a long time.

I lost feeling; I lost words, but at least in you
I found a safe place.
You gave me time to tinker with my mechanisms
You gave me time to find what was wrong with me

But your place isn’t safe any more
And my little doll my baby doll is still broken.

So you too I bid adieu
To you too I say goodnight
To you too I must say goodbye.

You can’t break what was already broken
And you can’t apologize because I’m not listening
You’ll never understand how much I could have loved you
You never gave me that chance.

Little doll baby doll with your bows and your ruffles
Little doll baby doll with your mechanical heart
Your rusted parts
You only wanted a playmate
But you have only a broken heart.