Psychotic Princess

The Ranting Tales of a Raving Lunatic...


February 12, 2004

Yesterday I let go of the past
Symbolic though it was
Today I face my demons
And play this beautiful song...

You haunted me,
Even though I wasn't in love with you
I could have been
If we had time,
But no, you went and died,
And I've been cold ever since that night.

Did you know,
The night you died
I was in another man's arms -
When I was supposed to be waiting for you?
Did you know,
He made it a game
Convinced me you were going to be no good for me
Another psychological grip
Another way to keep me his -

For 10 years - he made me a fool.

When you passed from this world to the next
Did you think of me?
Did you see me in his arms?
I'm sorry - I didn't mean to cause you harm.

Yesterday I threw out all the dried roses
Each one was a gift
I'm not quite sure why I did it.
It seemed symbolic of the life I left behind.
Today I listen to the song you played for me
That night you put the CD on repeat
The night you made love to me.
Today it no longer hurt
To listen to that song
Today I learned to leave
One more demon alone.