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Nothing Lasts Forever - Maroon 5

A Lie - August 13, 2007

You’re not the best I’ve ever had
Not even the worst heartache
You could have been great
We could have been

But life got in the way
And you got in the way
Maybe, just a little bit, I might have too.

But you’re not the only one I’ve let go
And you’re certainly not the hardest to say goodbye to


I lick my wounds but I don’t see them ever getting better.

Is that your fault? Yes, Yes, Yes.
But it’s more my fault. I couldn’t let it go, and see it for what it was.

I’ll tell you a secret, I love you.

A bigger secret is just how much I hate you.

You, for being just like them
You, for creeping in and settling in my heart
You, for never being just right, or what I want

But I’ve been down this road so many times
And finally without tears I’ll tell you what I told them
Without words, this too will end.

I will miss you my friend.
You knew me so well.

This was over years ago,
But I couldn’t let it go.
You can’t go from lovers to friends
It’s just never right.

And you didn’t even hurt me the worst
You didn’t even betray me the most
You loved me, I know.
But you just didn’t love me enough.