North Carolina - January 2007 North Carolina - January 2007 Welcome to Marshall, in Madison County NC The first day, my brother and I took a little tour.<br><br> Madison County, North Carolina was formed in 1851 from Buncombe and Yancey Counties. It was named for President James Madison. The county seat of Marshall (originally called Lapland) was named for U.S. Chief Justice John Marshall. 1981127 Marshall NC Courthouse The Madison County Courthouse, constructed in 1906, is a two story Neo-Classical Revival brick structure in the heart of Marshall. <br><br>The cupola, or a dome, esp. one covering a circular or polygonal area, is one of the most impressive courthouse cupolas in North Carolina. The domical roof, bearing clocks on its alternate faces, is capped by a lantern which serves as a pedestal for a statue of Blind Justice.<br><br> This courthouse was built by the famed architect, Richard Sharp Smith. 1981143 Marshall NC This is a view of a nifty little house with a caboose on the top.<br><br><br> 1981128 Mountains To the right of the French Broad River is where the house is. It's on the side of the street that does not butt up against the water. Although, we'll see come flood season if that makes a difference or not 1981129 Coal Feed & Lumber Co 25 Bridge St<br><BR>Marshall, NC 28753<br><br><BR><BR>(828) 649-2331 1981144 Presbyterian Church Established as a congregation in 1898 1981145 Presbyterian Church It's just a beautiful church that almost looks like it's coming out of the mountain 1981130 Presbyterian Church 1981131 Weird dwelling Despite the beer bottles inside, no one lives here anymore. It looks like they're encouraging a garden on the roof. The next image shows the stairs to get to the garden. 1981146 Weird dwelling stairs These stairs go up to the roof of the dwelling where someone is trying to make a garden, I think. 1981147 Rock You'll see a lot of these. There's mountains in dem dere hills. 1981132 Marshall Fire Station This is across the street. When we were supposed to get a big snow storm, all the volunteer firefighters were there playing with their engines and waiting. The storm moved to the south of us and gave us no substantial snow. 1981133 The Art Sanctuary The Madison County Arts Council is a community based nonprofit cultural organization that provides services and resources to artists and organizations and presents and produces culturally diverse programming for the public. We promote the arts at the local level, endeavoring to make them a part of the daily fabric of community living. 1981148 Day 1 draws to a close The house is warmed by propane. This propane fire place sits right in the living room. 1981149 Tuesday Morning - SNOW! Tuesday morning, we woke up to snow outside our windows. 1981134 Snow! This overlooks the French Broad river. You can see a little bit of the snow. 1981150 American Motors (AMC) A lot of the buildings in Marshall are made from the indigenous rock of the region. <br><br><BR>American Motors Corporation (AMC) was an American automobile company formed on January 14, 1954 by the merger of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company. At the time, it was the largest corporate merger in U.S. history, valued at $198,000,000. Declining sales and a fiercely competitive auto market in the United States forced AMC to seek a partner in the late 1970s, which led to a tie-up with France's Renault in 1979. The arrangement lasted until March 2, 1987, when American Motors was purchased by the Chrysler Corporation, which discontinued the use of AMC and Renault brand names in the United States. The Jeep line was continued, as well as some of the models under the Eagle marque. 1981151 Mountains You'll see a lot of images like this. None of them capture the true beauty of the Smokey Mountains 1981135 Mountains We were on our way to Black Mountain when I tried to take these pictures. 1981152 Old Fort, NC "...The train always stopped here. For many years, travelers through these mountains looked for the familiar sight of a tall, hand-carved arrowhead in front of the depot, signaling a stop in the historic town of Old Fort. A town committed to preserving it's heritage, and having some fun along the way. Old Fort is still a welcoming stop. As one of the oldest towns in the region, it prides itself on it's historic roots. Originally a fort built by the colonial militia before the Declaration of Independence, the settlement served for many years as the western outpost of the early United States. In those days, it was also the site of many skirmishes between pioneer settlers and Native Americans. Much of the fighting, in fact, took place on the banks of Mill Creek, which runs through the center of town. Many years later, a monument was built to the peace finally made between the two peoples: the trademark arrowhead, over 25 feet tall, hand-chiseled from a large slab of granite stands next to our Chamber of Commerce. ..." 1981153 Montreat A Conference Center in a religious retreat, this is Lake Susan. 1981154 Montreat 1981136 Montreat 1981155 A Swan in Lake Susan 1981156 A Swan 1981157 Montreat - Lake Susan 1981137 A Mountain - A Wal-Mart Two things you see a lot of. This was taken in the parking lot of Fatz restaurant. For lunch I had stone grits and sweet tea. 1981158 Mom Driving - and a Mountain 1981159 Beautiful Sky I cannot describe, nor capture, the absolute beauty of this place. It's the dead of winter, and everything is still so vibrant and full of color. 1981160 More Beautiful Sky 1981138 The sun sets on another day 1981161 Sunset - Tuesday 1981139 Tuesday Night - More Snow! 1981140 Snow on the Front Porch I figured out that with the flash on, I could capture the snow as it fell 1981162 This way to the Fire Station You can't see it, but just past the mothership (the white Eurovan) is the Fire Station. 1981163 Snow 1981181 I'm in the snow Don's taking a picture of me from the porch, I'm taking a picture of him on the porch. And, there's snow. 1981182 Old Red Pickup Truck 1981164 Mountains 1981165 Mountains 1981183 Curvy Road 1981184 Mountains 1981166 Outside Hot Springs 1981167 Hot Springs, NC Named for the hot mineral springs located here the town is just about 40 minutes north of Asheville at the junction of the Appalachian Trail and the French Broad River.<br><br><BR> 1981185 Sweet Car There were a few old cool cars during my trip. I decided to try to take pictures. 1981168 This one was actually for sale... 1981169 Check it out 1981186 Yes, those are Fuzzy Dice 1981170 The Welcome Center There was the nicest older lady working there, her name was Helen. She was actually featured in the newspaper for her stories about the area. 1981171 AT - Appalachian Trail This marker on the main street in Hot Springs marks the Appalachian Trail. 1981172 Appalachian Trail This is a bronze map of the entire AT and shows how far from Hot Springs to the North Point and to the South Point of the AT. 1981173 You are on the Appalachian Trail 1981174 The Welcome Center Caboose 1981187 Inside the Welcome Center 1981175 Inside the Welcome Center 1981176 Inside the Welcome Center 1981188 Old style National Parks sign They just don't make them like this anymore. 1981189 1981177 The Hot Springs Bike Shop They had old fashioned bikes, and bike rentals. Of course in the middle of January they were closed, but we could still peak in the window 1981178 Old Style stationary bike 1981190 The Old Red Bridge - Hot Springs, NC The Old Red Bridge was built in 1910 by Nashville Bridge Co. and was restored in 2005. 1981179 The Old Red Bridge - Hot Springs, NC 1981180 The Old Red Bridge - Hot Springs, NC 1981201 The Old Red Bridge - Hot Springs, NC 1981191 The Old Red Bridge - Hot Springs, NC The mothership is in the distance. 1981202 Horse Hitch in Hot Springs This is at the actual hot springs baths 1981192 Old Hot Springs Baths 1981193 Hot Springs Hot Springs - the water was actually warm! 1981194 Hot Springs 1981203 House overlooking Hot Springs 1981204 The French Broad, Hot Springs, NC 1981195 Mountains, Hot Springs, NC 1981196 Just outside of Hot Springs, NC This is the beginning of a two hour journey up the side of one mountain and down another. I have never seen hairpin turns like this. 1981205 Outside Hot Springs 1981206 A beautiful overlook I don't know if these pictures do it justice, but this is a great view. 1981197 More of the beautiful overlook 1981198 Same overlook 1981207 Overlook - crazy cliffs 1981208 Overlook - crazy cliffs 1981199 Overlook - crazy cliffs 1981200 Sweet ride Found this car outside Brevard, NC 1981209 Check out that fender 1981210 Sweet! 1981221 Outside Marshall, NC We traveled up the side of the mountain outside Marshall to check out a property for sale. It was at the top of the mountain. 1981222 The View 1981211 The View 1981212 The View 1981223 The View 1981224 The View 1981213 The View 1981214 The View 1981225 The View 1981226 The View 1981215 The View 1981216 The View 1981227 Marshall Through the trees, coming back down the mountain 1981228 Marshall Through the trees, coming back down the mountain 1981217 Marshall, NC Through the trees, coming back down the mountain 1981218 Marshall, NC Through the trees, coming back down the mountain 1981229 Marshall, NC Through the trees, coming back down the mountain 1981230 Marshall, NC 1981219 Cab Sweet cab across the street from the house 1981220 Cab Sweet cab across the street from the house 1981231