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Natural Bridge Va - Safaris, Stonehedge, and Haunted Houses!

Posted by PsychoticPrincess on September 3, 2007 at 4:04 PM
We took a little Labor Day trip to Natural Bridge, VA to visit Virginia's only Safari. A real safari with Camels, and Zebras, and lots of Ostriches and Emus, and Bison, and potbelly pigs, and deer, and wildabeasts and.... well you get the point.

You can actually feed them - directly from the car, see?

Then, on our way to the Haunted Manor, we stopped off at Stonehenge.. er Foamhenge. A scale replica of Stonehenge, made completely out of foam.

There were some people playing a very interesting hide and seek game involving a whiffle ball/bat, and the "stones". It actually looked like a lot of fun. But, the most interesting part were the two theories as to how the stones at the real Stonehenge got where they were. The one plausible theory was that they were carefully hoisted using wood tripods. The other theory, well -

That's right, the second theory is that Merlin himself levitated the stones into place. Well sure, you never know!

After Foamhenge we went to Natural Bridge, but only had enough energy for the Haunted House and the Dino Park.

The Haunted House got us all. It was a lot of fun. After a lovely introduction, you get sent off on your own to figure out how to get through the house. The real spook comes at the end. I wont ruin it, but it was fun.

Then in the Dino park, we learned a very interesting twist to Virginia history, including what may have really caused the Union to lose the first battle of Manassas

Well, check out the rest of the pictures here. And I have a couple videos -

Ostriches take us over at the exit of the Safari -

Watch out when feeding the Dinosaurs -

All in all it was a ton of fun, hopefully next time we'll have time to actually see the Bridge, the Wax Museum, Toy Museum, and other stuff there in Natural Bridge, VA.

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Reply marisafpr
8:02 PM on September 3, 2007 
Thanks for sharing this. I feel like I know you just because you shared this experience in diary-like form; see ya; <br>Marisa <br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
Reply anonymous
10:43 AM on November 5, 2007