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Posted by PsychoticPrincess on November 8, 2008 at 2:19 PM Comments comments ()

You sir, have one hell of a responsibility.
For so many of us have become embittered, our hopes and dreams shattered.
You sir, have brought the word HOPE new meaning,
Something I HOPE you understand.

I weep at your words of empowerment. I fear we are not ready.
For there are those who would destroy us.
Not just around the world, but even here at home.
I HOPE you are ready for the challenge. I HOPE we are as well.

You have a responsibility that is greater than any single man who came before.
It is up to you now to lift us from the demons of our own history.
It is not just your job to give us a better tomorrow,
It is your job now to show us how to make it happen.

You sir, have one hell of a responsibility.
It is not just the weight of the last 8 years that rests on your shoulders,
It is the hopes and dreams of so many who came before you.
While you stand on the shoulders of giants
We all look to you for HOPE and guidance.

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